New Roofing SERVICES

Aotea Roofing Limited can supply and install:

Gerard Roofing Pressed Steel Roofing- For more information please visit our Gerard Pressed Steel Roofing Overview 

& Gerard Textures, Finishes & Trims page.  There is also an individual page for each Tile profile.

Colorsteel - For more information please visit our Colorsteel Overview page There are also individual pages to visit for Colorsteel Maxx and Colorsteel Endura.

For Fascia, Butynol, Downpipes and Gutter please visit our various product pages.



Contact us now for a free no obilgation quote. This can be down from a full set of plans, showing the roof plan. If quoted your new roof is quoted on plans this is subject to change if the plans are altered after quoting.

Please note If your new roof is a Colorsteel Roof a final on site measure is required to get a precise exact measure.

We are happy to liaise with the builders direct, actually this works really well.

Once the quote has been accepted or as agreed a 40% deposit is required.  

Progress claim of 30% will be charged once the job has begun approximately half way through the job.

Once the job is finished and tidy you will receive an invoice for the remaining roof contract, this is payable within seven days of  invoice.

To make this process even easier, we offer a credit card service for visa or MasterCard at no additional cost to you.

For builders terms and progress payments please contact the Managing Director.

Your warranty will then be on-forwarded to you once full payment has been received with your memorandum of understanding for the council.

Gallerys please visit:New Gerard Pressed Steel Roofing, Re Roofing Gerard Pressed Steel Roofing  New ColorsteelRe Roofing ColorsteelButynol,downpipes



Fall Edge Protection or safe and suitable scaffolding is now required for all new dwellings.  This is detailed in the Roofing Association (RANZ) Guidelines and as per worksafe Requirements, Regulation 21 Section 6.  We can provide you with a quotation for Fall Edge Protection and or Scaffolding at the time of quoting.  Aotea Roofing will liaise to have the roof safe as per worksafe requirements before any roofing work begins.  


  • Aotea Roofing Limited are New and Re Roof Specialists, we aim to provide the best possible service to ensure a stress-free process.
  • Aotea Roofing Limited are LBP's Licensed Building practitioners.  
  • Craig LBP BP119278
  • We are certified Gerard Roof installers.  
  • We are members of The Roofing Association of New Zealand.
  • We provide a five year workmanship warranty on all of our work. For information on workmanship and warranties, please visit our workmanship & warranties page
  • We take safety seriously, the safety of our workers and clients, therefore we are members of BWARE health and safety app.

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