GERARD ROOFS "Roofing Designed to Endure"

For many people, choosing a roof is primarily about style, and in this respect, a modern, lightweight Gerard roof offers a myriad of different options to suit architecture of all kinds.

But equally important is peace of mind. You want to feel confident that your roof will continue to protect your home and its precious contents even under the most extreme conditions imaginable.

Gerard roofs have been thoroughly proven over time right throughout New Zealand and in over 120 countries around the world.


While a concrete tile roof on an average home can weigh around 10 tonnes, the equivalent Gerard satin finish steel tile roof would weigh just one tonne.


Because Gerard interlocking tiles are fixed horizontally, a Gerard roof is significantly more secure in high winds than vertically fixed roofs such as concrete tiles or longrun iron.


A properly installed Gerard pressed steel roofing is fully weatherproof, and unlike traditional concrete or clay tiles, Gerard pressed steel roofing won’t crack and let in water.

Sea spray

The protective coatings on Gerard roofs include a special combination of aluminium and zinc, which provides up to eight times the corrosion resistance of alternative steel roofing products.

Snow or ice

Gerard roofs have been well proven in the cold. They are unaffected by snow, frost or ice and because the tiles are made of steel, they can easily withstand heavy snow loadings.




A load off your mind in earthquake areas.


With their combination of lightweight and superior strength, Gerard pressed steel roofing can place significantly less stress on structures weakened by earthquake or fire.  For example, a 10 tonne concrete or clay tile roof area could weigh as little as one tonne with Gerard smooth pressed steel roofing, or 1.7 tonne with Gerard textured pressed steel roofing.  Either way, it's a very reassuring difference when the earth starts to move. If you live in an earthquake-prone area. Lightweight and strong, the Gerard Roofs were well-tested in the recent Canterbury earthquakes. Major earthquakes in Los Angeles and Japan have show the combination of heavy tiles on inadequate framing almost always results in serious structural damage.

Holds strong in high winds


New Zealand building regulations require roofing to withstand a wind loading of 1.8kPA.  With no additional fastenings or special materials, Gerard's pressed steel  roofing system has been proven to withstand wind loading of more than 6kPA, which is equivalent to a wind speed of 350kph (stronger that the wind force at the centre of a category 5 hurricane) Other roofing systems require specialised fastenings and or materials for high wind zones.

Marine Areas

Even if your home is built at the edge of the sea, your Gerard roof won't require any special materials, additional coatings or extra fastenings to ensure ongoing performance.  Testing shows that zinc-aluminium coated steel roofing materials, such as Gerard pressed steel, have up to eight time the corrosion resistance of other steel roofing products.



When any material is continuously exposed to the sun, some colour fading is inevitable.  However, Gerards UV protection technology and special light-fast pigments provide superior resistance against fading and discolouration.


The only maintenance that a Gerard pressed steel roof requires is a clean with an appropriate roof wash every three to five years, to help prevent the growth of algae, moss and lichen.



Gerard roofs can only be installed by Gerard Certified Roofers, experienced professionals who are trained to install correctly every time.



Gerard pressed steel roofing exceed the world's most stringent fire test standards.  They are also securely interlocked, which prevents hot embers from neighbouring fires blowing up into the roof space.  They are lightweight, so they are less likely to fall on anyone while a house burns.  They are weakened by fire, a home with a concrete tile roof will crumple much quicker due to the extra weight.


Slight shedding may occur at the beginning.  However the textured finish on Gerard pressed steel roofingstays in place very well and.  It will keep its goods looks and protect your roof for a long time.  That is why Gerard Roof offers an extensive warranty for more information please visit our workmanship and warranties page



Can I drink the run off water?  Yes Gerard roofs have been independently tested by the World Health Organisation guidelines proving the run-off water is safe to drink.